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William M. Beebe, Jr

Residence was not listed; 21 years old.

Enlisted on 10/29/1861 as a 2nd Lieutenant.

On 10/29/1861 he was commissioned into "I" Co. OH 41st Infantry 
He Resigned on 4/16/1862

On 6/7/1862 he was commissioned into "K" Co. OH 41st Infantry 
He was discharged for promotion on 4/28/1865

On 4/28/1865 he was commissioned into Field & Staff US CT 128th Infantry 
He was Mustered Out on 4/18/1867
 (Subsequent service in US Army until 01/01/1871)

* 1st Lieut 6/7/1862 (As of Co. K)
* Capt 4/13/1864 (As of Co. C)
* Major 3/13/1865 by Brevet 
* Lt Colonel 4/28/1865 (As of 128th UC Inf)
* Major 3/7/1867 by Brevet 

Intra Regimental Company Transfers:
* 4/13/1864 from company K to company C 
* 3/28/1865 from company C to company H 

Other Information:
died 8/6/1883

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