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Welcome to a brief tour of the Comparative Analysis features of the Civil War Research Database highlighting some of the charts and graphs never available before the advent of this Database.

First and foremost the Database is a research tool that when used to its fullest, can help uncover new and unexplored areas for research and broaden our knowledge of this tragic period in American history. And, although work continues on adding additional regiments, the Database containing the Civil War military records of nearly 2 million soldiers is of sufficient depth and breadth to allow examining and testing of theories and extrapolating results with a high degree of confidence. This part of the tour demonstrates a few of the ways Annual Subscribers can use the Civil War Research Database as a springboard for additional research and study.

On the next page we begin by examining and analyzing the Union Army Enlistment Age Distribution graph for the entire war. (Age Distribution graphs plot the number of soldiers joining the military by enlistment age and are available by Army for the entire war or a specific year of the War.)

(Please note that some of the charts and graphs on the next few pages may take a minute to download depending upon internet traffic, your ISP, and your modem speed. Please be patient. Thank you.)

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