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1)  Who is HDS?

Historical Data Systems, Inc. is a Massachusetts based company whose focus is the American Civil War. We have created the first online database, the American Civil War Research Database® which contains the military records for the 4 million plus soldiers who fought in this great conflict.

2)  How long has HDS been working on the database?

We have invested over 100,000 person hours in the creation of the database to date. Check the Database status section for the latest update of states completed or in process.

3)  How will the database be accessible?

The database will accessible to individuals through the Internet only. Our Internet address is www.civilwardata.com.

4)  How do I gain access to your Internet site?

As an individual you will need an annual subscription.  The cost for a personal subscription is $25 per year which is payable via Mastercard or Visa. You will have 24 hour, 7-day access to the entire database. With a visitor pass membership for $10 you have 7 days access to the genealogy/military record side of the Database. If this is for an institution (library, university, college, historical society) please contact HDS regarding licensing options.

5)  What happens at the end of the subscription?

You will need to renew your subscription at the end of twelve months.

6)  Where does the information come from that you are using to build the database?

A large amount of information in our database has previously been unavailable and inaccessible to the public. Our primary source of information are the state rosters that were published by the Adjutants General for each state involved in the War. These rosters include the military records for each member of that state's military forces. In addition, we are entering information from the Official Records, pension index records, 1860 census records, GAR records, Roll of Honor records, Medal of Honor Records, and Regimental histories. For more detail about our sources please see the bibliography section on the site.

7)  What information are you entering for each soldier?

We are entering the information contained within the Adjutants General's reports as published by each state. The types of data vary by state but typically include: name, residence, date of entry, regiments, companies, rank, promotions, transfers, events such as POW, wounded, etc. and how and where the soldier exited the military - discharge, desertion, muster out, death (and the cause of death, if available). Some states include birthplace, age at enlistment, occupation and physical description in their official record.

8)  What level of detail is available in the database?

You can examine the military record for each individual soldier. Starting at the regiment level you can trace the war effort, critical statistics such as average age, method of entry into and out of the military, war engagements and their associated loss/prisoner statistics. You can search the Database by soldier, regiment, state, town, and battle. Please see the free demonstration on this site for more information.
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