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11)  Is the database complete?

The American Civil War Research Database(c) contains the military records of 4 1/4 million soldiers. This represents over 100,000 hours of our staff's time entering individual military records for these soldiers. We continue to add information on these soldiers into the database.

12)  What states are completed or in the process of completion?

Click on "Database Status" to obtain the current listing of states completed or in process of completion.

13)  Who should subscribe to the American Civil War Research Database®?

Anyone with an interest in learning more about the American Civil War or wanting to do further research into the American Civil War should subscribe the American Civil War Research Database®. With its easy-to-use design the database is ideally suited for the lay person who wants to begin or expand his or her knowledge of the War. With its powerful search and sort capabilities, the American Civil War Research Database® is an invaluable tool for the American Civil War researcher.

14)  How often is the database updated?

The American Civil War Research Database® is updated on a bi-monthly basis. Each time we update the database we include those soldiers' records that have been entered into the database and have gone through the editing process since the last update, as well as any additional information we receive about soldiers already in the database. The exact number of records will vary based on the detail and complexity of the information we are working with.

15)  Is there an e-mail address to send comments and questions to?

We want to hear from you. Please send your comments and questions to Historical Data Systems.

16)  I think some of your information is incorrect. How do I notify you?

We welcome your comments, suggestions, and help clarifying any information we have about the soldiers. With nearly 100 million pieces of information in the database we recognize that some information may be wrong or incomplete. Please e-mail us and let us know what corroborating material you have to correct the mistakes. Leave us your e-mail address or phone number and a convenient time to contact you.

17)  I have information, maps, or photographs that you may be interested in. How do I reach you?

We welcome your comments, suggestions, and help with additional material for the American Civil War Research Database®. Please leave us an e-mail message with a description of the material you have and we will contact you.
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