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HDS is pleased to share with you a few of the many unsolicited subscriber comments we have received. We hope that after you have read these comments and taken the free Database demonstration tour that you will subscribe to the Civil War Research Database and use it as a resource for your own study of the American Civil War.

"This is the most incredible and wonderful endeavor I've come across on the 'net. In an age of "information overload" this is finally, in my opinion, a most worthwhile use of the electronic medium. Thank you, thank you, thank you. And keep up the good work!"

"What a fantastic site! Everything in one place. I have spent HOURS perusing the many Civil War sites on the Internet, looking for the information you have online. I'm so happy I found you and you're bookmarked for sure!"

"WOW! I'm really impressed...especially with the Regimental Dynamics!! Your analysis proves what I've always believed: that the Georgia infantry units were proportionately the hardest hit of all, in terms of casualties."

"The service has in many cases saved me up to 4 to 6 weeks since I do not have to write to a state historical society."

"I thought I would give you some quick feedback on how the students did using your database. They loved it!!!"

"I think your site is light years beyond the databases that the more "official" sites are trying to establish. I don't mind paying the fees you have set up to date. Its worth it to me!"

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