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State Selector

In the upper left hand corner of many screens you will see a symbol representing the active "State Selector". This selector is applied to all queries and data searches on these pages. In the current example the selector is set to "Massachusetts" but is easily changed to any individual state, Union or Confederate states, or all States.

The "State Selector" is your way of limiting the records returned in any screen to only those your concerned with. The selector also allows you a consistent view throughout all the screens without respecifying your scope of interest each time.

For example, with the selector set to Massachusetts, when you go into the Regimental Casualty Summary Screen, you will see only the regiments from Massachusetts.

To change the "State Selector" simply click on the map symbol in the upper left corner of any screen and choose your new active state from the symbols below. For our demo we will change the selector to "All Union".